Ceramics Portfolio 
photos by artist 
unless stated 

 green wash

 colour wash - glaze

terracotta + colour wash

green wash

fragment pendants

woman and bird


porcelain spot

 spot platter

indigo wash

bird bowls - unfired

bird cup - unfired

abstract cup + saucer

abstract platters

abstract plate

knife and spoons

animal plates

blue edge 

 indigo blue wash

green wash

pink wash

salt + pepper set

indigo wash and spot

spot cup and saucer set

dog cup + saucer set

spot plates

Cat cup + plate set

flute edge bowl

animal plates

cups - unfired

plate stack - unfired

bowls, cups, spoons - unfired

condiment set - unfired

condiment set - unfired

early work
photos: Angelita Bonetti


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