Foraging and gathering

Two months after having decamped to the tropics some 2000 km north (leaving all my art and clay supplies at home), I am at last settling back into working with clay. A 30kg bag, some basic tools and simple forms to get the ball rolling (unintended pun!)

I'm always happy to work with the bare minimum - fewer variables, less choices, more play! However, the other day, heading to Singapore on a day trip for a visa extension, I discovered a ceramics studio with all the supplies I could possibly need ... including some colour underglazes. 

underglaze colours 

clay, paint and a big fat brush -  a superb combination!

If you are in Singapore, you might like to check out Goodman Ceramics Studio. It's a place to go and do ceramics as well as buy supplies. 

Meanwhile ... I continue to battle with the pinch pot. Such a simple form and technique, but amazingly tricky to get the exact degree of imperfection that makes it sing. 


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