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Small North

Fabric yarn balls in a window display Ubud, Bali
Several years back, as a student in a textiles unit at university I was having much fun exploring many different techniques among which twining, grass stitching and book-making were my favourites. After learning a few different ways to make a book, we were given the words "small north" and told to go off and interpret them into a book of our own creation.  And having been several years prior to that a student of art therapy in which the focus was on process, exploration and discovery, this directive was completely to my liking. 
For some reason (maybe - or maybe reason is irrelevant) 'small north' was associated with the island of Bali, which, from where I live is 'a small island in the north'. The book I ended up making was a sample book (accordion style) with swatches of hand loomed fabric collected on previous visits to the island. 
Well the point of all this is that now I find myself back on this small island…

I digress ...

While days in the studio are largely spent pounding rolling cutting moulding cleaning painting and glazing clay (very labour intensive) there is the odd moment when I digress (ah yes I do!).  And a good thing too ... what a shame it would be to miss out on opportunities to paint

and stitch dried grass

and whittle sticks gathered at the beach

and make things from found objects

Not to mention making books from cardboard boxes and paper bags

and papier mâché bowls from egg cartons
Oh yes ... days in the studio could be tedious and even wasted if not for digressions, explorations and experiments!