28 October 2014

Wrapping, packing and pondering

Raw raku bowl and plate

Time to move on again ... off to the southern side of the world in a few days with a brief stop home to say hello to family and friends, set up another temporary studio space, restock dwindling ceramic supplies and create some new pieces (inspired by what's come out of the old kitchen studio). I would once have said "impossible!" to the idea that one can make on the move but happily it has been possible - an adequate amount of time, a bit of space, the most basic of materials and equipment, a simplified approach and the willingness to focus and surpass the "it's all too hard" hurdle. Oh so proud of myself, she jests!!    

Cream raku bowl and plate

Not that it has been easy and not that great things have emerged from it all (not that I expected either ease or greatness!). And not that you want to know all about the artist's and the ego's struggles I'm sure! For me, the success of the adventure comes from having managed to create a few humble pieces - simple shapes with variation created through gentle manipulation of the clay and minimal use of colour - which reflect aspects and influences of where they were made. Simplicity, unevenness, rawness is at the heart of it all (I know I've said this before) and the drive is in trying to achieve these qualities in the work without really trying. 

Charcoal bowl and plate

The conclusion I have come to, as I wrap, pack and ponder the time spent here and the work produced, is that it's not so much about facing challenges and dealing with the "it's all too hard" struggle, rather that the process of struggling through something difficult can result in the creation of richer, more meaningful work. It certainly has been the case for me and my Sardinain new old kitchen studio adventure.

Thanks for reading!

ps it wasn't all 'deep and meaningful' ... moments of whimsy too!


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