15 October 2014

Inside the studio

I am back in the new old studio in Sardinia after a month away - an unexpected jaunt responding to an invitation to join my elderly mother whose indominatable spirit brought her 20,000 km to see Europe one last time (she says). It made me think about how far away I am too - a long way from home, family, the studio and everything familiar. And about doing what you want to do. It's been a challenge to up and leave home and since arriving in Sardinia I made sure I found a way to continue art-making at least for a sense of continuity and to stay grounded. It's all very lovely to travel around and see things but there is nothing like getting lost in a creative space to feel completely satisfied. 

I've enjoyed my time in the old kitchen studio immensely, experimenting with new clays, facing challenges and at times wanting to give up (hard when you don't have the proper tools, the space is restricted, you are regularly interrupted by curious relatives - you are a curiosity after all, coming from down-under - and are called on to join them for home made ravioli, fresh crusty bread, cheese and local wine when (you think) you really want to keep working) because it's all too hard and uncertain. But I'm glad I stuck it out and made some work, dealt with the challenges and solved a few problems. And learnt a lot along the way ... ah process! As for product, I will come away with a few pieces that I am happy with and which may well signify a new direction in my work.

Inside the studio - once an outdoor kitchen. Since being here I've worked my way through two bags of clay and these are the last of the pieces drying off. 

One of the crochet vessels made from hemp yarn from Nepal 

Another crocheted hemp yarn vessel finished with electrical wire found in the old kitchen

An arrangement of found objects collected at the beach and on bush walks - colour, texture and shapes that inspire

Unglazed raku plates 


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