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Saris at the station

Waiting on the platform at the train station in Gaya, India. The train is three hours late. There are no seats except for a few concrete benches built around pillars but people wait patiently or lie asleep on sheets of plastic. Beggars, food sellers and half naked mad men come and go. Even the odd cow wanders through. On the opposite side of the platform a steady stream of passengers arriving and leaving - bursts of colour as sari-clad women walk past

Finding colour

Wood carving on a bale post at the water gardens, Klung Kung, Bali

Black and white sand at Blue Lagoon, Padangbai, Bali

Farmer in the rice field, Penestanan, Bali

As a keen collector of found objects, I am bemused by the fact that, having become a nomad, it is just not a good idea to find and collect things. Instead, wandering around with camera in hand (phone actually but it's annoying lugging around every piece of equipment one might need while out and about) means that the collecting tendency can be assuaged by snapping shots and storing a seemingly infinite number on the library shelves in my trusty nifty iPad's photo room - to be brought out, looked at, played with, written about and inspired by, whenever there's a need or desire. 

A visit to the ceramics factory Bali

For a while now I have been interested in researching the production of handmade ceramics in other places and having left home for a spot of travel, exploration, research and development as well as some general sightseeing, a good place to start is Bali - close to home and the first stop in a journey across the globe. 
A week to settle in, set up house and  get to know the local area before venturing out of a peaceful, semi-rural area near Ubud into the busy streets around the city. First stop to the Indian consulate for a visa then a visit to the Kevala ceramics factory. Pretty impressive set-up and some lovely pieces are being made here. I guess the best thing about it is the networking, exchanging ideas and the opportunity to meet with people who speak the same language.