06 April 2014

A moment of whimsy if you please ...

One might say [or think or ponder]
why an artist should choose 
to wander
when there's much to do
and people are waiting [poised ... anticipating]
So as for me I can only say
I am still right here and have not gone away ... 

... in the meantime some whimsical drawings
done in idle moments on an ipad

 Man with flowers and a vase

 Two girls and a heart

 Woman and a cat

girl holding a heart

Clay-making continues, cloth is being cut, pieces stitched, studio rearranging [endlessly], attending of workshops [printing on clay ... molto interessante!!], discovering new magazines 
[New Philosopher "for curious and cultivated people looking for solutions to the general and fundamental issues faced by humankind" - now there's a good read]and a bit more besides!

Thanks for reading
Until the next post


Blogger Ruth Halbert said...

Lovely drawings, Anthea! And thank you for the link to the philosophy mag - I am looking forward to exploring it.

06 April, 2014  
Blogger Anthea Carboni said...

Thanks Ruth! Drawing is so delightfully accessible. Hope you enjoy the mag - there I was contemplating the vast choice of fashion mags, design mags, art mags - indecisive as ever and on a whim went for something completely different!

07 April, 2014  

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