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Paint box bird

Paint box bird ceramic plate

This is one of my favourite recent pieces ... not at all sophisticated but it resonates with me for several reasons. I would say it's a 'found' image, something I have stumbled across and kept close to my heart ... albeit unconsciously ... emerging in an idle moment between the usual dashing of colour (usually blue, sometimes green or pink) across plates. It's a simple image of a bird, of course, but it is also personally evocative of memorable things such as one's first paintbox and the joys of playing with all those colours. I feel very comfortable with monochrome, but sometimes, I feel, it's good to get out the paintbox and throw around a bit of colour!

A moment of whimsy if you please ...

One might say [or think or ponder] why an artist should choose  to wander when there's much to do and people are waiting [poised ... anticipating] So as for me I can only say I am still right here and have not gone away ... 

... in the meantime some whimsical drawings done in idle moments on an ipad

 Man with flowers and a vase

 Two girls and a heart

 Woman and a cat

girl holding a heart

Clay-making continues, cloth is being cut, pieces stitched, studio rearranging [endlessly], attending of workshops [printing on clay ... molto interessante!!], discovering new magazines 
[New Philosopher "for curious and cultivated people looking for solutions to the general and fundamental issues faced by humankind" - now there's a good read]and a bit more besides!

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