18 February 2014

Behind the scenes of a magazine shoot

Photo shoot Real Living magazine

Way back in November, well before thoughts of Christmas (I like to leave things to the last minute).. well I think it was November, at least somewhere in the past ... I received an email from a stylist at Real Living magazine - could I send some pieces over for a photo shoot? Hmmm I thought, do I want to do this? Why would I want to do this? I'm pretty busy... and who are you anyway?? Then the curious kicks in ... why not??? Generally (though at times a struggle), up for a new challenge I decided to go with it, gathered some pieces together, photographed them, emailed them, culled them, packaged the final selection, took a parcel to the post office and hoped the estimated delivery time would be the actual delivery time ... and only just made the deadline. A few months later, the photos have appeared in the March edition and I am suitably impressed, chuffed, rewarded. It's a small thing in the scheme of things but it's a happy experience seeing one's work taken on momentarily - displayed, companioned (a squiggly red line appears under this word so it seems I am making it up but nevertheless expresses exactly what I mean) with other work, which is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the whole experience... seeing one's work in context, in real life!

03 February 2014

here we are then ... back to cloth for a moment ... print, tie, dye et voila! linen and muslin thrown in to the dye pot. 

block print and tie-dye muslin scarf 

tie-dyed muslin scarf (potassium permanganate)