Birds going round in circles

I wouldn't really say that 'going round in circles' applies to me at all [a phrase defined here as using a lot of time and effort trying to do something, without making any progress]. However, since drawing these three birds on a plate, the idea presented itself, aroused my curiosity and here I am exploring it, albeit briefly (not wishing to spend a lot of time and effort on the subject).

It has led me to ponder the idea of progress (vs wasted effort) and how one measures it (progress). As an artist, I like spending time on something (with something), exploring, getting to know, experimenting, trial and error etc ... all a necessary part of the creative process. Sometimes you do go round in circles, coming back to the starting point, but generally with a new point of view, or perhaps (hopefully) a deeper understanding and the urge to try something new.

This is progress! 


  1. Thanks for your comment Blandina. I hope I don't sound too flippant in writing about these things - there are always ups and downs in the creative sphere (as in life) and I am thankful for the moments when things are going well.


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