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Principles of Good Design

Indigo Wash plate
I am so pleased to think that I may just have demonstrated principle #2 of the esteemed industrial designer Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design, namely, thatGood Design Makes a Product Useful!

I recently delivered some new ceramic pieces to Nells, setting them up for display on a lovely old table where they looked happy and quite at home... then returned a couple of days later to find one of the scrumptious dishes from the cafe poised on one of the plates! It was actually quite an ah-ha moment, seeing something that I had rolled, cut, slumped, shaped, smoothed, coloured and glazed suddenly transformed into an object of perfect usefulness, not to mention all the more aesthetically pleasing with the marrying of its complementary orange colours. My immediate reaction was to take the dish down from the counter and outside to the white-washed table and photograph it!(having asked first of course).

Birds going round in circles

I wouldn't really say that 'going round in circles' applies to me at all [a phrase defined here as using a lot of time and effort trying to do something, without making any progress]. However, since drawing these three birds on a plate, the idea presented itself, aroused my curiosity and here I am exploring it, albeit briefly (not wishing to spend a lot of time and effort on the subject).
It has led me to ponder the idea of progress (vs wasted effort) and how one measures it (progress). As an artist, I like spending time on something (with something), exploring, getting to know, experimenting, trial and error etc ... all a necessary part of the creative process. Sometimes you do go round in circles, coming back to the starting point, but generally with a new point of view, or perhaps (hopefully) a deeper understanding and the urge to try something new.
This is progress!