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An ink drawing produced today is based on a painting by Charles Blackman ["Evening Light"], a print of which sits above the computer in the studio and which occasionally catches my eye, pulling me into that other, inner world of introspection, stillness and silence.

I love the rawness and 'realness' of spontaneous drawing - a sudden urge to make marks is a satisfying counterpoint to the considered and measured approach which is required in the production model of designing and making for market.

There is also the element of rebellion amongst it all ... I have been VERY disciplined of late, working to a rigourous schedule, driven by self-determined KPIs, producing enough ceramic pieces to make sure there is no shortage should I be inundated with a massive order (you never know!!) 

Grabbing a stick, a pot of ink, a pre-painted sheet of wallpaper (lucky about that)... dipping and drawing the stick across the page whilst referring to the original image occasionally, not to get lost or distracted, staying focussed. 

A little dalliance I would say, is a good thing. 


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Drawing life

Some recent works exploring the use of line on ceramics.

Using underglaze and the right dilution (trial and error) to achieve flow, rhythm, contrasts of transparency and solidity with the overall aim (flying by the seat of my pants) of creating an image that works.

Mind you it's not about achieving perfection. Mistakes and awkwardness can lend an air of spontaneity and surprise. 

The drawings themselves are reminders of freedom and playfulness, at-oneness with the natural world, dreaming and desire for exploration and expression. 

Luckily, I think, art offers all those aspects in abundance!

A lull in the proceedings

Lull ...

a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity. "for two days there had been a lull in the fighting" synonyms:pause, respite, interval, break, hiatus, suspension, cessation, interlude, intermission, breathing space, moratorium, lacuna

sleeping woman [after Matisse]

What a lovely word - lull! It's a perfect choice for describing how things are at the moment. I feel like sleeping ... shutting down ... pausing the proceedings. And so it might appear that not much is happening. Actually though, there's a lot going on since touching home base [temporarily]. Planning things, looking through the accumulation of drawings, revisiting ideas, reflecting, pondering.

Images from the little black travelling drawing book

Where to next ...?

Coming up ... Artists' Open House Fremantle [November 13-15] and Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar [December 4-6] 

Ceramics go-slow

If you don't mind low-key then you won't mind today's offering: A glimpse, an update, a behind-the-scenes view of an ever-so-slow process. When travelling, it's best to leave behind your concepts of time. Albert Einstein I think I am beginning to understand you.

 Bird cup and spot saucer

Two birds on a spotted plate

Removing the glaze from the base

 Checking the base is free from glaze

Waxing the base

The Yves Klein blue kiln