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An ink drawing produced today is based on a painting by Charles Blackman ["Evening Light"], a print of which sits above the computer in the studio and which occasionally catches my eye, pulling me into that other, inner world of introspection, stillness and silence.

I love the rawness and 'realness' of spontaneous drawing - a sudden urge to make marks is a satisfying counterpoint to the considered and measured approach which is required in the production model of designing and making for market.

There is also the element of rebellion amongst it all ... I have been VERY disciplined of late, working to a rigourous schedule, driven by self-determined KPIs, producing enough ceramic pieces to make sure there is no shortage should I be inundated with a massive order (you never know!!) 

Grabbing a stick, a pot of ink, a pre-painted sheet of wallpaper (lucky about that)... dipping and drawing the stick across the page whilst referring to the original image occasionally, not to get lost or distracted, staying focussed. 

A little dalliance I would say, is a good thing. 


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I am constantly amazed and humbled by the level of sophistication, not to mention dedication, inherent in the artisan traditions here in Bali. I know so little (I'm rather embarrassed to say) however I do know that I appreciate them very much! This is a place where it is the norm, rather than the exception, to spend one's time in making things by hand. 

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If you are in Singapore and curious to track down some ceramics supplies, you could check out Goodman Ceramics Studio. It's also a place to go and do ceramics as well as buy supplies. 

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