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A day spent playing with clay - creating shapes by rolling, cutting, blending, paddling ... although Sunday, a rest day, actually a work day, driven by dreams and late night imaginings you wouldn't believe, though you probably would, because at the end of the day, we all think similar thoughts and have similar experiences

I needed to find some order out of chaos and it occurred to me that things work well in sets, so I experimented and created some 

Here they are, barely off the drawing board, rendered real and shown in their naked state.

Combinations and permutations



light and dark

old favourites

The reformation period

Crochet silver wire necklace

Three piece necklace

Beaten silver pendant necklace

It occurred to me this morning as I was beating away at a brass bangle found in the op-shop, reshaping, refolding and reducing it to an intriguingly deformed object (that could potentially be a piece of adornment), that there is a tendency in my work of late to REFORM. 

Beaten brass pendant  (reformed bangle)
I like to work with found materials and objects as a starting point, as opposed to having a concept first then looking for the ways and means to realize a piece. Sometimes this means simply breaking found objects into their individual components and putting a few unrelated pieces back together in a way that is new and fresh - I like that!

Other times and with great delight out comes the hammer and things get thoroughly beaten and flattenned .... all the while witnessing the materials being reshaped and the object reformed - I really like that!