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Free floating

Woman resting on a patchwork quilt

Having decided to create my own version of a sabbatical this year, I am temporarily and deliberately working without much direction and doing as I feel (sounds pretty pretentious and pompous perhaps but I assure you I have been working very HARD over the past ten years and it's good to step back and see where things are at). 

Wire flowers in vase

I still spend most of my time in the studio but rather than working relentlessly making things with a view to selling, the emphasis is on exploring and experimenting. 

Earthenware bowls on hand dyed and stitched linen mat (on the projects page)

Working with clay is very meditative and demands a slower pace than what I have been used to. You can't hurry the drying and firing which means at least two weeks before one can see the results. 

The jewellery-making area

And here is an area of great explorations involving much trial and error, making use of recycled materials, found and re-purposed objects - odd, unu…

Carved and Etched

Carving away designs etched into underglaze on earthenware 

A light touch and plenty of experimenting with different tools to find the one that works best ...

accidental and deliberate marks ... wabi sabi  [beauty in imperfection] ... reminds one of murals, frescoes, graffiti

Design experiments

Ceramic cups with carved design