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Bird looking

Bird flying

Bird asleep

Woman and the moon
I learned many interesting things today after a creative session with a friend who arrived with brushes, ink and inspiration. I have always loved the simplicity of ink wash drawings, but never thought to try it. Semi-controlled mark-making, focusing on the application of ink and the movement of the  brush. For example, dip the brush in water and dry off on a cloth. Dip in half-strength ink then dip just the tip in full strength ink. Hold the brush down on the paper and twirl in a circle. Use a pointed stick/twig and full strength ink for detail. 

Coiled basket project

Coiled and stitched plant-fibre basket

I thought it might be interesting to (re)introduce a projectspage to the blog (over on the top right). Here you will find something about the processes behind the products and maybe be inspired to explore and experiment for your own pleasure and delight!