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The benefits of staying put

silk bags on a rusty chair

While wandering the world has great appeal, staying put in one place and attending to a task  from start to finish  (no interruptions or distractions  and with  complete focus and determination  to get the thing done) has proven (for today at least) that staying put has its benefits

Twenty pieces of jewellery  in twenty new silk bags twenty pieces of paper string twenty photos twenty tags twenty cards one catalogoue  with twenty descriptions
A good day's work. More HERE

mud sticks and needles

I will never tire of playing with mud

or of making marks with sticks

or embellishing things with needles

Self portraits and pushing the boundaries

This is me, or a version of me. A self-portrait using a timer setting (and later a bit of highlighting, contrasting, shadowing and saturating). It's an accidental pose taken before I went away and needed a passport photo for a visa when I was much too busy to go and get it done properly! 

I had the camera set up on the bench and stood against the wall under the painting (of course I was going to crop the painting out of the portrait). I was aiming for a formal stance but the hand went up, the shutter clicked and the photo was done. 

Sensibly, in the end, I went and had one taken 'professionally' - a mundane version of oneself that satisfies border patrol officials but which causes a certain degree of discomfort every time one takes a  glimpse at oneself. I wonder what goes through the minds of customs officials when they hold up the passport and check the person in front of them. Their faces never give anything away!

Traditional portraiture artist in Hanoi

When I came across t…