21 January 2013

At home and back to work

Doorway in Hanoi

It is as if I am standing at the front door of a house from which I have been away for a long time. The door is open and I see it's rather dusty inside and it's been empty for a while. When I left a month ago, it was the day after the last market I vowed and declared I would ever do! There was no time to unpack my things from the market, I was completely pooped and still had to pack a small bag to take with me to Vietnam. I hate doing things in a rush, though I knew this was coming and I had made time to plan a speedy stress-less getaway. A month of travelling, observing, discovering and my favourite pastime, thinking. The culmination of travelling though is coming home and so here I am, opening the front door to Yuniko Studio once again.Time to get back to work!

Chefs in Hanoi on a break


Blogger blandina said...

Welcome back. I have been away as well, things happened in the mean time and I feel like you, in front of a door, hesitating to get in.

30 January, 2013  
Blogger Anthea Carboni said...

I think that's pretty normal don't you? For me it's about facing change and having the courage to do things differently .... not hanging on to the past. I hope the new year is full of creative opportunities for you Blandina. Keep in touch!

30 January, 2013  

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