02 October 2012

Some thoughts on Handmade

´╗┐Another batch of cups. Handbuilding, although simple and direct, does pose a few challenges. The secret seems to be not to overwork each piece. Their strength is in irregularity and uniquenss, but there is a fine line between handmade success and failure. Even though my friend Daphne and I are hand-building our own collections of 'ugly' pottery from the op shops, I am aiming for a certain simple, barely-there elegance in this work. Good to be ambitious!

The plates are more straightforward ...

Rolled clay, hand-cut to approximate size and slumped on a plate to dry. ´╗┐


Blogger blandina said...

Fascinating, simple and pretty.
I love the picture of the cups.

04 October, 2012  
Blogger Anthea Carboni said...

Thanks Blandina. The cups are yet to be decorated and fired .... Do you think they should be left plain perhaps?

04 October, 2012  
Blogger yellowstudiofreo said...

Your ceramics are beautiful and quite unique. I love their naive quality and the hand made look.

06 December, 2012  

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