Abstract reality

This morning I found a moment in my busy seaside holiday schedule (reading writing drawing swimmming walking eating exploring thinking drinking shopping ... so much that needs attending to!) to look closely at the plants edging the front porch, which taken on macro, then cropped, end up like lovely abstract paintings.

Not so long ago I discovered that mixing starch paste with inks and/or pigments makes a lovely unctuous transparent paint which is then applied to a canvas (or even paper) primed with many layers of white acrylic paint (I use ceiling paint for its chalkiness) and sanded until you have a lovely smooth surface. Layered inks applied with thick brushes, the edge of a card, blended, scraped back ... the effect is not dissimilar to the images above.


  1. How interesting, I am fascinated and think thatI could try this technique if only out of curiosity.
    When you speak of starch paste you mean some kind of edible starch normally used in a kitchen that you mix with water?

  2. I found a pack of starch paste in the hardware store - wallpaper paste is just as good. I'm sure you could also use other kinds. Have fun!


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