25 July 2012

Made on the Left Market Sunday July 29th

Magpie Lark in the garden

A not-so-frequent visitor to the garden is the Magpie Lark. Usually it's the doves in abundance pecking away at the fallen olives. Perhaps no other bird dares make an appearance (puffed up and strutting they know how to assert themselves)... in any case the olives have been eaten and the doves have long since gone elsewhere. I snapped this creature through a rather foggy window (who has time to look out the window, let alone clean it when there's making to be done??). So it's come out blurry and I have amped up the saturation and all of sudden there are patches of strong colour and the suggestion of a painting. As mentioned previously, what is in front of you is not all there is ... the arrival of a new bird is ... well ... inspiring! This particular creature always seems to be looking about, curious at what's happening around, whereas the doves were always head down, pecking, too busy feeding and not at all interested.

A new phase for moi aussi. Yuniko Studio is in head up and eyes about phase, with an inkling to explore. Some new work has taken shape and older pieces reworked. Layering looks good and gathering of pieces to create assemblages. Presenting at Made on the Left market this Sunday at the new State Theatre Centre in William Street Northbridge.

Restructured boiled wool vest 

Crochet rosette brooch

Woollen vest over shirt
with leather and silver
fish necklace

Natural linen bags with screen print and
recycled leather handles 

Combinations of exotic fabrics:
Tie top tunic dress

Beaten recycled silver earrings

See you there!