15 June 2012

Cloth beads

With just over a week to the next Perth Upmarket one would expect that one would be rather busy and focussed in the preparations. There is a pile of fabric on the cutting table, boxes full of ideas and inspirations, hanging racks with patterns and cut-out pieces ready to be stitched together, chalkboards with lists in case I lose my way in the midst of it all. But one can be TOO efficient ... and so this morning, because I happened to be up before the sun and the alarm and its endless snoozy variations I realised I had plenty of time to PLAY!

Who knows where an idea comes from or what sparks it off. I am standing at the table, determined to ignore the to-do list for the time being when the idea to make some cloth beads arises. Plenty of scraps, a knitting needle, red silk thread and there you have it.


Blogger blandina (aracne) said...

This is so nice, I understand your irresistible need to play!

21 June, 2012  
Blogger Anthea Carboni said...

I'm glad you do! I don't really think it's something that needs to be resisted!! Thanks for your commments.

21 June, 2012  

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