06 May 2012

Diary Entry

May 6-7 2012

This weekend tried out two new markets. 
1.Farmers Market at Subiaco Primary School Mothers Day market
2.Growers Market South Fremantle High School
What #1: a wonderful variety of local produce and delicious food and drinks to go (weekly), with handmade artisan work (occasionally) 
Who: Me and Susie Marwick (artist and original market partner)
What #2: Clothes, textiles, collage (me); found object sculptures, miniature paintings, leatherwork (Susie)
Why: explore, expand, meet new people, connect with friends and colleagues, collect new things
Why not: try new things, test the weather, get up earlier than usual, interact more, go where you've never been before, get feedback!

 Mannequins purchased from my market neighbour

Anna looking

Susie Marwick's Found Object sculptures

Yuniko Studio Silver earrings


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anthea,

I have a Silvina ROmero shrine in my studio that I worship every day. I loooove her stuff..

hmm.. foil... that would be quite unisual.. Thanks for the ideas,

08 May, 2012  

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