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Colour inspiration

Yesterday I left the flat plains and coastal breezes momentarily to wander up amongst the tall trees at Araluen. I can usually find a good excuse to stay home and keep working in the studio, avoiding at all costs a wander in the wild which is not something I have ever been drawn to (the Australian bush is an acquired taste I think). Though there is always an exception so there I was with bush-loving Sandro following paths down towards gushing streams and up hills to pick limes from an ancient (relatively speaking) tree. Paused for a moment to gather leaves and an old peg at the base of three huge gum trees - an inspiring palette of muted pink, green, brown, mustard, grey to bring back to the studio where I am practising the mixing of dyes and making of new fabrics.


  1. Very inspiring, I have been collecting leaves here in Japan to try ecodyeing. It is a very fulfilling experience.

    1. Absolutely! Look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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