17 January 2012

Its all about the look

Photographer in the Pompidou Centre Paris

Happy to be back home after living nomadically for a month. The small suitcase was just big enough - though filled to capacity and contents spilling out into smaller bags and even in the end an extra plastic carry bag (not fussed about maintaining the look of the sophisticated traveller!) I am still waiting for the parcel which I posted back from France (you may like to make a note that for 42 Euros you can send a box weighing up to 7kg to Australia)- very handy.

The main focus in travelling (for me) is looking and seeing (shopping is fun of course but that's a more narrow and reductive process) whereas being in an unfamiliar environment, never knowing what's ahead or around the corner, it's constantly stimulating (sometimes overly so). I loved the visit to the modern art museum in Paris and enjoyed seeing other visitors' reactions and interactions to the artwork.

Now looking forward to getting back to work, starting new projects, exploring new techniques.


Blogger aracne said...

Good mornong Anthea,
I love your work, it talks to me of freedom. Clever girl!

23 January, 2012  
Blogger Anthea Carboni said...

Hello aracne and thankyou for your comments. I am all for freedom! My recent trip to France and Italy has inspired me far beyond what I expected - seems to be an undercurrent of creative actitivty and freedom of expression over there!

23 January, 2012  

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