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Breaking Eggs

Remodelled silk tie 

Recycled fabric circle brooches

These days the studio is in a permanent state of disarray ... things have been emptied out of boxes and are strewn about on the work table, fabric stacked in higgledy piggledy piles, walls covered with reminders and endless lists of things to do - far too many to achieve in the next TWO DAYS which is my time frame for preparations for the Fremantle Bazaar weekend.

But the studio is a mess beacause I allow it to be so! As a collector of phrases, it's nice to pull them out in the appropriate moment and the most appropriate (and consoling) one for today is "you can't make an omelette without breaking an egg". When there is work to be done, and lots of it and in all varieties, then one tends to, indeed needs to, make a mess.

The Bazaar starts this Friday at 5pm and is on over the weekend. Here's a link

Unembroidered art

Stephen Sollins

'Sollins "unworked" cross-stitch samplers, and then re-worked the ground fabric in the same number of stitches and colors as the original composition (a ghostly outline remains), reducing the work down to condensed blocks of color.'

Reference : Embroidery as art