15 September 2011

Work in Progress

A few days ago I received a newsletter from the Origin Team in the UK titled Work in Progress ... a Peek into the maker's workshop.

The photo is of the artist Amanda Caines stitching a bracelet in her studio and whose work, I read, is "constructed from trawling the Thames for any useful fragments; from ceramic pipes, glass bottles, found archaeology pieces, interesting collectables which are woven with vintage fabrics."

I was certainly inspired by her work (as you know I love to work with found and recycled materials), but also by the fact that somone had been inspired to photograph the artist at work (of course! why not! but ... how often do you get to see someone in the throes of playing, processing and producing the work that ends up on display for others to admire?) As you know I love process!

The photographer is Kelly Hill who is in the process of creating hand portraits by craft makers. Her images, I read, "serve to remind us how important the hand is for the creation of these exquisite crafted pieces."


Now I want you to know I haven't just gone ahead and sequestered the image to my blog without first asking permission. I emailed Kelly this morning and she has written back to say yes and added the following ...

The hands project is on-going and will be featured in DayFour Magazine later this year. Hopefully it will grow in to a book project or exhibition - in time!

Kelly's blog and website

Thanks Kelly - love your ideas and work. All the best!


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