17 August 2011

Turning up for work and getting distracted

The title of this post is in part a reference to Elizabeth Gilbert's talk on TED (which I have mentioned before)and relates to the fact that sometimes creativity just isn't happening. According to EG (whom of course you know is the author of Eat Pray Love, a book I read despite not wanting to for a long while then did and glad I did), whether or not one is feeling inspired, it's important to turn up for work and just get down to it.

And that is what I am doing these days ... turning up, keeping busy, doing simple tasks, writing lists, starting new projects, getting distracted, wandering out for a bit more distraction, moving the studio around ... und so weiter. I am becoming a tad worried because there are markets looming and it's all very slow and not so productive.

I think it's very curious how there is a natural tendency to be distracted from things when things are difficult or challenging, though it's not just about running away. Distraction, according to my dictionary, is defined as an obstacle to concentration and concentration is defined as to come to a single purpose or aim. So when I am distracted there is something getting in the way of my aims and I want to know what it is!!!

Here I am getting thoroughly distracted looking up the meaning of words but I have to say that when all else fails, exploring things, pulling things appart, analysing, deviating, etc blah (as maman would say) is exactly what helps me get back to focusing on the main event. Kind of like a kind person tapping on my shoulder and saying "it's okay, go off and explore, see what you find, come back when you are ready".

Don't be too long, I would add.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am allowing your blog post to distact me, while I should be editing images!
Guess the thing is not to beat yourself up about it...

19 August, 2011  

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