11 July 2011

The Next Day

It is the day after yesterday. If you managed a visit to the Made on the Left market, which was yesterday (strange that tomorrow isn't notoday), I hope you experienced it as a unique (if not somewhat cold and darkish) event. A great venue - large, edgy, unfinished ceilings, exposed pipes wrapped in silver tape, concrete floors - a new building in the process of being wrapped around an old one, evidence of which one saw in a peeling painted brick wall which I really hope they leave as such. A never ending flux (or flusso, if one were Italian) of evenly balanced proportions of women and men.

A little wander and discovery of some new work, amongst which .... nuio 

"... jewellery out of silver and brass that features everyday household objects"

and her display of carboard boxes was just perfect!


Anonymous Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living said...

I really like the materials used to make the cat. I have a friend in Denmark who makes handbags out of recycled bicycle tires.

03 August, 2011  

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