24 April 2011

Art can be playful in featuring a serious side of life

I am momentarily back in familiar territory, exploring a fascinating world of constant variety. In the busy main street of Legian (in Bali) there is a simple and elegant space in which to spend time perusing artworks and reflecting on things such as the contrast between over-the-top consumerism and the need for quiet contemplation

Artworks of Indonesian artist Cahyo Basuki Yopi
in an exhibition titled The Playful Hermit
Biasa Art Space
Bali April 2011

These pieces are wonderfully whimsical and quirky (sometimes a bit dark) and made from found objects (exactly my cup of tea!) but they also have a deeper side, as I discovered on reading the catalogue ...

"...the artist's subjective language and visionary quest leads him to explore and project the perception of life within his imaginary landscape on the trail of the unknown man ... seeking to define himself and the outside world in relation to the uncanny mystery of the inner-self. "

I like the reference to "the unknown man". I have spent ten days on my own in Bali, researching, writing, organising some sewing. It's an interesting thing, being on one's own and confronting one's "unknown-ness" - a stranger in a strange land. Bali would have to be one of the best places to travel alone, it's easy to strike up a conversation and the Balinese people are inherently caring of and open to all people.

(Blog title and quoted text taken from exhibition catalogue by Dominique Lora)


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