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A very cool crochet class

Two lovely young women - Natasha and Stephanie came along to a class at Calico and Ivy last Saturday to learn how to make a fabric crochet bowl using recycled fabrics including Tshirts. 

A bowl in the making (notice those beautiful hands doing the work!)

A completed bowl - the hands of a musician orchestrating her work to perfection!
And since we are on about Tshirts this one says :
"all that was one lived is now but mere representation"

I love to go a-wandering

Last Sunday at the Upmarket I took time off from my stall to wander around to look at the markets from another perspective. It was lovely! I have never really had time or inclination to do this before, feeling like I must be IN CHARGE AND ON DUTY at all tmes! Of course it was easy to do, knowing I had left things in the most capable hands of a person with a PR and marketing background who knows my work well, loves to chat and has a great interest in other people.

The good thing is, it looks like everyone is having FUN. Which happens when you spend time doing what you love. Markets generally are places of high energy and busy interaction and have a real here-and-now focus which I love! Perhaps it's because as a maker I spend so much time in isolation (which I also love) but you have to step out every now and then and be inspired by others...

beau est mien

eucalypt homewares

Tamara Harrison

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Three Black Dolls

Three black dolls made from a woollen jacket, left-over yarns from woven scarves and some store-bought felt.
I am focussing on making things in sets of four or so, when one is not enough and a hundred feels like slave labour. Less is more ... one is too difficult to part with so four seems about right. Number four black doll has already gone to a new home as a birthday gift.
The other three will be heading off to the market on Sunday week:
Perth Upmarket Sunday 20th March UWA