29 November 2010

Einstein's Theory of Making (under tough conditions)

Well there you go ... another market over and done with, superbly crafted and hats off to the administration. Justine and your team you are amazing!
It was indeed a hot day but as my dear friend Ellen once pointed out, it's not that it's hot it's not minding that it's hot.

And today is even hotter but due to the fact that the Bazaar at Fremantle Arts Centre is on this weekend I have been keeping up the pace in the studio - unpacking from yesterday's Upmarket, deciding what needs to be done and getting back to making. The surprising thing though is that it all feels quite enjoyable.

Would you believe that by the close of business today, thoughts of Einstein's Theory of Relativity had popped into my head. Not that I know much about it, but my version and particular experience of the passing of time as occurred today while I was stitching the binding on a quilt I thought could not possibly be finished by Friday (opening day at Bazaar) seemed to touch on the paradox of being able to get a lot done in a relatively short amount of time, as long as one is not thinking about it!

Fremantle Arts Centre Bazaar this weekend:

Friday 3rd December : 5 - 10 pm
Saturday 4th December : 9 - 5
Sunday 5th December : 9 - 5


Blogger Jody Pearl said...

If you're anything like me Anthea you do your best work under pressure - hope your weekend was a success.

05 December, 2010  

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