19 August 2010

Creativity at work

This week I have been working on a few things contemporaneously, motivated by the upcoming open studio show in a couple of months. It's very reassuring to feel a sense of purpose and clarity about getting back to making in a focussed way.

Projects include two scrap fabric quilts, fabric crochet bowls, fabric cats, crocheted jewellery, cloth dolls, papier mache 'tall people' and a couple of paintings. There is plenty of clutter and no excuse to sit and wonder what to do next. Three sewing machines are threaded up and I have even threaded up a few needles with different coloured cottons, ready to hand stitch. The dress rack is laden with pieces, some already finished, some needing cutting up and remaking and others needing trims and embellishments.

There is a long list of things to do chalked onto a smokey grey wall in the studio - a way of keeping track of what I need to do on a daily basis. Also good for writing inspirational ideas which are vicariously gathered from a range of sources - Ted videos on You Tube for one. I recommend having a listen to Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) talking about the creative process and what to do when the inspiration is not there. She explores the relationship between the artist and the muse, an external force somewhat beyond our control. It's very interesting because she places the issue in an historical context and concludes that the best thing an artist can do is 'show up for work' ... you do your bit and hopefully the creativity flows.


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