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Noticing what you notice

detail from a gallery door

I have been away spending time in our favourite haunt ... along with goodness knows how many other tourists from around the place. However once settled into our room with balcony overlooking the jungle, incessant sounds of frogs and crickets and rushing stream, the tourists nowhere to be seen and plenty of time to relax and explore, it was a very inspiring place to be.

If ever there was a place to 'notice what you notice' (thanks Daph!) it's in Bali, such an incredible mixture of all things and so busily geared to the tourist that it sounds like such a ho-hum place to go. Except that I love it and keep going back. Why wouldn't one? There are so many other places to explore ... but we are so near, it's easy, relaxing and always interesting. There is always much more to see than immediately meets the eye and the more I come, the more I feel I know the place and the more I appreciate it. It fits with my own ideas about 'finding not seeking'(Picasso's je ne cherche pas je trouve) and approach to working with found objects, ideas and materials.

Being here is like playing pass the parcel, though the goal isn't necessarily to get to the present in the middle. The wrapping papers themselves are interesting and as if they were pages from a newspaper, I find myself stopping to read a little from each one, in no hurry to get to the middle, or end.

So what did I notice? Among other things, I found it curious that the signage at the airport now includes information in Russian (as well as English and Japanese). I noticed there were lots of Dutch tourists and we enjoyed spending time with a couple over coffee, hearing about their life, work and philosophy of travelling.

I noticed the Balinese at work and how clever they are at carrying things around on their head - piles of sheets, baskets of offerings, cement bricks, trays of building sand. And how they appear to live with such resilience and patience.

I noticed an article in an Air France magazine while drinking coffee in a cafe

I noticed these chairs made from sawn and painted planks of wood

Many more things of course ... but now that I am back at home it's time to get stuck into developing new ideas and products along the lines of minimalism, paring back, simplifying.

Preparation for the next Yuniko Studio show, which is planned for September 2010. Details to follow


  1. Thank you for sharing...
    I have enjoyed what you noticed.

    I haven't been to Bali for about 20 years or more and only saw it through the eyes of youth.

  2. I enjoyed the thought of noticing what you notice and I thank you for helping me notice. Loved the chairs too!

  3. Loved the chairs and the door... and great to read your musings on noticing...Bali...I must go there one day!


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