01 June 2010

Every product tells a story

Even simple things like cards, although in this case it's not so much the cards as the envelopes. I have had a pile of red envelopes in a drawer which I bought in Bangkok a year and a half ago. They are a non-standard shape and I haven't got around to using them because they don't fit the standard A6 cards that I usually make.

We were wandering through the China Town area of Bangkok in January and I guess in a lead-up to the Chinese New Year there was a very festive and decorative feel to the streets. We wandered past an old lady selling bits and pieces from a card table set up on the pavement outside the shops, among other things there were these lovely red envelopes! I protested at her intial price and tried to haggle but she stood her ground and became angry, waving arms and yelling words I couldn't understand, so I backed down and decided to make light of the situation, by commenting on her perfume which was truly exotic and pungent, while handing her the money. She beamed with delight and pulled out a tiny bottle from her bag and proceeded to dab me with her perfume/oil/insect repllant/headache cure then swiftly moved over to Sandro (patient bystander) and thrust the bottle under (and unfortunately into) his nostrils and around his neck so he too could enjoy the benefits of this amazing potion. I was happy the situation had become a friendly interaction but then Sandro began to feel a little alarmed at the onset of the burning effects of the oil in his nostrils, so I whisked him away, reassuring him it was a harmless natural product whose effects wouldn't last long.

Today I have been playing with the red envelopes and revisiting Bangkok, China Town and the old lady with the exotic perfume.


Blogger Robyn said...

It's very beautiful here at your blog
I hope you will continue to share here

best wishes for all your creative endeavours

17 July, 2010  

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