05 May 2010

Slow Clothes

A year ago more or less to the day I was at a market selling very little - a fundraiser for a school and they did very well I think on the delicious cakes the girls were ever so graciously serving. Next to me was a man I knew from my days working at Aspects in Kings Park. He makes and sells nougat and as we chatted he told me he was part of the SLOW movement organisation in Perth. He was very curious about my work and commented on a crochet jacket I had for sale, wondering how long it took to make. It was made from many different kinds and shades of green yarn, using offcuts and odd balls found here and there. I told him it was a year in the making and he wanted to know (I love people who love specifics)if I did nothing else at all but sat and crocheted, how long would it take ... a week? two weeks? Who knows! Anyway that would be completely out of the question because who would want to sit and do nothing but wield a hook in and out for hours on end?

In the meantime, the lady next to him (selling - from memory - flamboyant floral assemblages)had made it known, through him, that she was interested in ordering a similar jacket in shades of grey. So back to work! And here, a year later, is the new grey version. (I didn't hear back from the flower lady but she has certainly provided the inspiration to keep moving SLOWLY!

grey crochet jacket (wool, silk, cotton)
with remodelled knitting pin


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