14 March 2010


a week in sydney 

highlights ...
water transport
the dominance of old things
a lack of pretence
small independent shops
taxi drivers

buttons at Ici et La

 bridge detail

alley way in central city

shop window

japanese silks at chee soon and fitzgerald

night view of city

Everything is an inspiration when it's new. The photos prompted ideas related to creative work - the bridge a patchwork of triangles and hand stitching, the alley way and night view both lend themselves to an abstract painting. The fabric rolls and buttons are just about collections and groups of things and the whole being more than the sum of its parts. The window with it's sign reminding us of the importance of work-play balance ... a visible presence of simple philosophies in life. I am reassured!


Blogger Robyn said...

I love Sydney and often miss the years that i lived there... it is very inspiring.... Perth on the other hand often inspires you to leave and visit other places ;)

31 July, 2010  

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