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A new fabric crochet container - bowl / basket / bag .. completed today. I have used a ramie fabric found in a fabric shop in Bali. Although ramie is a natural fabric it has an unusual quality - a bit bouncy (?) but I was quite surprised to see all its hair standing on end on the finished piece.

new photos on flickr

Today I have been playing around in the studio and creating some snapshots for uploading onto flickr. It's tantamount to having a mini review of my work and giving pieces which have been around for a while some space of their own. I am glad I have managed to hang onto pieces rather than selling off everything that gets made for markets (not that one would normally sell everything, but I remember reading where an artist should always hang onto certain pieces). I think that what these pieces have in common is that they came about without much (if any) planning and probably without any thought as to them being seen by or sold to anyone else. 

One little painting I am fond of...called Woman under the Moon. She is a contemplative figure who hangs in a corner of the studio.


a week in sydney 
highlights ... water transport the dominance of old things a lack of pretence variety small independent shops choice intrigue taxi drivers

buttons at Ici et La

bridge detail

alley way in central city

shop window

japanese silks at chee soon and fitzgerald

night view of city

Everything is an inspiration when it's new. The photos prompted ideas related to creative work - the bridge a patchwork of triangles and hand stitching, the alley way and night view both lend themselves to an abstract painting. The fabric rolls and buttons are just about collections and groups of things and the whole being more than the sum of its parts. The window with it's sign reminding us of the importance of work-play balance ... a visible presence of simple philosophies in life. I am reassured!