14 September 2009

Welcome to Yuniko Studio.

I am an artist and designer living in Perth Western Australia. I work from home working mainly with found object and materials to produce a range of products which I sell at local designer markets - Perth Upmarket, Made on The Left, Unwrapped, Fremantle Bazaar and on the Etsy site at http://www.yuniko.etsy.com/. I am also an art therapist and am very much guided by the notion of art as expression and communication in the work I do.

Through visiting this blog, you are invited to experience some of what happens in the studio. Feedback and interaction is definitely encouraged! I have always loved exploring what other people are doing and appreciate the way others share their thoughts and processes online, so I hope I am able to offer something to others.

Being a somewhat reserved person, I have had my doubts about blogging. The benefits of being able to connect with other like-minded people and to show the 'behind-the scenes' aspects to art-making are the motivating forces for me. Also, since most of my time is spent working alone, blogging, like journal writing, is an opportunity to stand back a bit from the work and look at it in a more objective way.

The actual process of art-making is for me the most fascinating aspect to being an artist and my favourite place to be is in the studio surrounded by colour, texture, images, objects, raw and emerging creations, processes and finsihed products. So this is what I imagine the blog will be about - an ongoing record of work in progress. Nothing is ever finished anyway ...


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