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Fremantle Bazaar Weekend

A great weekend! Athough busy it was also very relaxing with a spirit of camaraderie which is a pleasure to experience. The Bazaar is a wonderful event and seems to get better every year. Lots of fantastic stalls - an overall impression of light and colour. It was lovely to catch up with people I have met through the year in other events and meet new people. Thank you to all my customers and the fabulous feedback!

I am always curious to see what the most popular items are. I made several wrapped and stitched cats and a flock of raw-edge fabric birds which were hung on an olive tree branch in a pot - all of them sold! There are more available through Calico and Ivy - you can see them on the C&I blog:

If you would like to follow up on anything from the weekend please email me at I will be starting on the orders from the Bazaar this week.

The last market for the year for me is this Thursday in Subiaco. Details of the event a…

Market news

Dates for the next two markets :

Fremantle Bazaar December 5th and 6th at Fremantle Arts Centre
Subiaco Perth Upmarket - Rokeby Road Thursday December 10th

New work includes collages made from found materials, fabric birds, cloth jewellery, bags and cameo cushions with raw edge applique as well as embellished singlets and t-shirts, loose and light voile garments

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and my work at various markets over the past two years. Look forward to seeing you again and please feel free to keep in touch via the blog so I can keep you up to date with what's happening.

Out and about

On a recent visit to Bali I was inspired by the everyday occurences of  Balinese life. Things taken for granted seem enchanting to the visitor. We hired a bike and headed north, forgetting to take the map and following the road or taking a turn to satisfy a curiosity. I am learning not to plan and trust that leaving things open can lead to delightful experiences. And there's a parallel with art-making : working with found objects and allowing the process to happen.
Welcome to Yuniko Studio.

I am an artist and designer living in Perth Western Australia. I work from home working mainly with found object and materials to produce a range of products which I sell at local designer markets - Perth Upmarket, Made on The Left, Unwrapped, Fremantle Bazaar and on the Etsy site at I am also an art therapist and am very much guided by the notion of art as expression and communication in the work I do.

Through visiting this blog, you are invited to experience some of what happens in the studio. Feedback and interaction is definitely encouraged! I have always loved exploring what other people are doing and appreciate the way others share their thoughts and processes online, so I hope I am able to offer something to others.

Being a somewhat reserved person, I have had my doubts about blogging. The benefits of being able to connect with other like-minded people and to show the 'behind-the scenes' aspects to art-making are t…